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It works

Simply, it works because we provide you with a guided missile to hit your target rather than a scatter gun.

Most letting agents spend a fortune on the internet, in the local press and on door-to-door leaflet distribution. Our research shows that these “scatter gun” approaches are however, not particularly effective.

For example, the majority of marketing material that is put through a letter box is usually discarded by the tenants, even if it is addressed “to the landlord”.

The key to success is being able to contact the landlord directly.

This is where we can help you.

traceWiseUK offers a unique service where we can help you find a property owner and provide you with an up to date set of contact information including, in most cases, telephone numbers.

Many agents use the Land Registry to obtain landlord’s information. However, this is simply not accurate enough.

At traceWiseUK, we use the Land Registry to confirm that the property in question is owned by the person you are trying to trace, but we also know that the owner’s details held by the Land Registry are often out of date. For example, investor landlords have often let the property at the address registered and are actually living elsewhere.

We use over 120 consented population datasets covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern and these are updated in real time. This data, combined with our investigative expertise, means that we can often find a property owner who has moved, and confirm their latest known address. This can help you build a long-term relationship with active landlords in your area.

Uniquely, we are also, in most instances, able to provide contact telephone numbers, which means that you will have a better chance than ever of making contact.


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